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I'm just a girl, little ol' me. Don't let me out of your sight.

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Latest text from my mother: "Waiting for my mommy... " Wait for me...!

My mom is sending me pictures of my cat. I just want to go hoooooome. :(

Not quite friends.

Cat in my lap. :3. Now I don't want to get anything done. :<.

My little cat lump. <3



Ahh what would I do without you? ;_;

The Countess has claimed a new throne surrounded by stuffie minions.

There's a cat hanging out with meeeee

If she hadn't coincidentally remembered my name, I wouldn't have gotten this guy till tomorrow. Thanks, DHL lady!

This will probably be the best part of new hire orientation.

The Countess occasionally likes to hang out in my tiny desk cubby, like a weirdo.

Sometimes I walk into my room and am just SO DELIGHTED that a cat's there. #notoverit #neveroverit

All day, every day. :3

What have you done?!

I got a box of shoes today. A present for everyone~

You called?

The Countess has come out of hiding and was rubbing up on Platinum Data. It's official: she's my cat.

Why the quotation marks? What are you REALLY?