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Duckie, what do you do?

I bring you (drumroll): the Tea (strainer) Duckie!

Ig Nobel Literature Prize goes to the Theory of Structured Procrastination. #ImprobResearch

Chart of youth unemployment in the eurozone. Related post: cc

From the obligatory pilgrimage to this weekend. I miss Clovers. #coffeegeek

The people tell like it is. Thanks for the oil and grease, guys! #coffeegeek

This is too cool!! Network Rail desk calendar for xmas!! Love trains :-) Thank you, !

Late night: the trains smell of alcohol, vomit, & burgers. Least I have graphs from carols :-) #godless

Went xmas shopping today. Aren't the mini Stabilos adorable?

Don't want to make you jealous but want to share this graph w/ you. Think you'll like it. #uncagedmonkeys

At last, a diagramme of ' dice! At #FOTSNMoney.

Things, incl villas in France, will cost less if we join the common mkt. (From an old poster at #Aldwych2011 tour).

Public service announcement: Monmouth opening hours this holiday season

Reading for the train back down to London. Questioning why I find this so interesting in between paragraphs

When in Manchester, to these places you must go (after whose list this is). #coffeegeek

Liking the new branch and long opening hours. Thank you !

The end point after developing nanobots, the replicator. #FotSN

Graph from at #FotSN. Moore's Law + space taken by Windows on hard drive, "gap of disappointment between"