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thank you!!! Ik hoop dat het zoiets gaat worden.

je had haar in de winkel moeten zien:

My iPod is soooooo weird. It knows me way too good. Hahaha.

thank you so much for sending another autograph. Love you.

The owner & co owner here!!!

My new hair colour. What do you think?:$. #toolazytoputonmakeup

Why did I gained last night 400 followers on my stupid old tumblr o.O.

why didn't I got any stickers with my J-14 magazine?:'(

Yo Dutch peeps!!

People are so Nice.....

Justin bieber fans, HE'S coming.

Had a great show today. There was one photographer aka the paps. The kept following us. Even in the bathroom...

awww. :(. Ik heb anders nog een 9 jarige kat in de aanbieding? Oh en hier. BABIESS.

:D! Dit is die van Stef helemaal grijs met op d'r kop een roze streepje.

kijk dit is mijn poes. Als verassing krijgt Stef er ook een ;D. Hoe schattig is de mijne ❤❤

And this is the cat my brother is getting.

Isn't my cat cute? I'm getting her home at 20th August. Yes very ironic I know.

this was a really good surprise when I got home from an exam at school :)


Dankje! :) kijk demi draagt het hier. Ik flipte echt bij die kraam. haha.