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Hi I'm Nat, & yes, it's a pencil case. 20 year old fangirl for TW & Lawson. I love all things related to The Hunger Games, Disney & Rastafarian (not ganja) ☮

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it was my 20th birthday yesterday, check out the awesome card the amazing got me! ;)

REGGAE REGGAE SAUCE!!! This is lushh!

me & my sister are practically joint at the hip, you followed her but not me #favouritism

I feel I should be followed because this is how my friends & I entertain ourselves waiting to see you ;)

oi oi, follow me, 1/5 of the female version of The Wanted... #GYCtripleplatinum

RT ": Remember our photo bombing photos yesterday?? ;)" this :P

it was so nice to meet you yesterday, thanks for the picture :')

what d'ya think of the female TW? my friends & I entertaining ourselves while waiting to see u #AskSiva

oh wait, I got one; it's really crap but just think about my description of him ;)

oi oi saveloy; this is how we entertain ourselves when queueing for your gigs #femaleTW #ithinkso

I do indeed :)

female TW? #wearecoolerthanyou #TWfanmily

how cool is this cupcake?! Thanks :D

this picture always makes me laugh ;)

I feel like an obese person after that Brunch burger in Spoons #cantmove

you should print out this picture and frame it in your house #jokes #justfollowmeinstead #pleaaaase

thereeee :D

just seen someone say Coldplay's version of Fix You is shit compared to TW's...

haha, I got this... :)