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Managing Editor of @MavsMoneyball on SBNation. Proud Miami Hurricane Alum. Slowly morphing into a Texan.

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People at this school loooove Nike.

Thanks to a super peeved cat, I look like a cutter. Also: declawing is cruel & stupid. Still had her back ones.

How to do homework AND watch basketball.

I think just had a seizure

Texas, you and I are gonna have some words.

All my thoughts... exactly.

Guys, this is who we have manning tonight. BRO HARD OR GO HOME

Fun (and incoherent)

Holy shit... this is interrupting my game and is terrifying.

Because any of this makes sense...

I don't even need to watch games. #basketballtwitter

Oh ... jinx!


They are super serious.

That was satisfying...

The savior of Washington D.C. No pressure, . But we're all counting on you.

Donkeys gon' donk... cc. , & (w/thanks to )

That's about as flat as it gets...

So uh, did Kyrie do something or what?

My favorite view in the whole wide world!