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Call sign only to Heathrow Director on 120.4 Keeping the Tower busy! #avgeek Parody.

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How do you like our easter bunnies? The Director is on the left! #lhr

Boeing's mod for the #Dreamliner... Arrangement not critical. Using PAX AA's not permitted..

If we used toy town tractors to clear snow, Boris would have a baby! Jersey, try to keep up!

my gifts for my angel r! Romantic dinner is well underway too! #valentines

Thank you Santa! A 3rd runway, made out of #jaffacakes! Arrivals 27L Happy Christmas, fly safe! #lhr #avgeeks

Santa 01, just got your present.. can't think what it can be.. Oh well, 1 more sleep! #lhr #excited arrivals 27R

was this from you? Whoever sent it, made my day! #yardofjaffa #lhr

Speedbird 286, this just arrived. Heathrow, we have a problem.. crumbs on the crew bus I suspect. Empty packet from SFO

Virgin 5, thank the 6 crew but this is what happens when u don't read back important messages... #LHR