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I am impressed with the battery life of my LG Nexus 5. Two days total and four hours of screen on time on LTE. :)

  • 159 days ago via site
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Here is a picture of LG Nexus 5, itself. It is a really handsome, if understated, looking smartphone. I love it.

  • 161 days ago via site
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I finally got a chance to set up my LG Nexus 5, yesterday. Here is a picture of the packaging. It is really great.

  • 161 days ago via site
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My first day one Google Nexus device purchase! Although, I did purchase my Google Chromecast on day one, too! :)

  • 173 days ago via site
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I definitely heeded that warning on this box of birthday candles. I usually throw lit candles away. Uh huh, yup.

  • 176 days ago via site
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I saw this sticker at a local convenience store. It has the name Hank Hill and a picture of propane tanks. Neat.

  • 190 days ago via site
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Ah, the pumpkin-flavored time of year. One of my personal favorites. I wish it would last longer than it does.

  • 200 days ago via site
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This kale snack that I got has a flavor that really reminds me of a certain Konami game franchise. Castlevania. :)

  • 211 days ago via site
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Thanks, Google. I have rekindled my love for Kit Kat bars with your announcement of the name for Android 4.4. :)

  • 231 days ago via site
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I am starting to call this B&N Nook Color running CyanogenMod 10 my little Google Nexus 7 Jr. It really runs well.

  • 438 days ago via site
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My central heater's exhaust vent has grown an interesting icicle that looks like a Medieval torture implement.

  • 452 days ago via site
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If you have no gems in Android's Temple Run 2, it shows a negative amount and quits if you try to use one.

  • 453 days ago via site
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I found this Stars Wars branded hand sanitizer at a local store. Who knew that the Jedi smelled of citrus? Not me.

  • 527 days ago via site
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Here is my first bottle of Mountain Dew Pitch Black. It tastes as good as I remember it tasting back in 2004. :)

  • 1069 days ago via site
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While we were in New York City, my friend and I ate lunch at Go! Go! Curry! The Grand Slam was curry goodness! :)

  • 1087 days ago via site
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Here is the extent of my Easter candy for the year. Yes, I still eat Easter eggs on this occasion. What of it?

  • 1094 days ago via site
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Here is the other side of the political mailer. I censored it because I have no bias towards either candidate. :)

  • 1278 days ago via site
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I might vote for this local political campaigner because she used the Dwight Schrute bobblehead in her mailer.

  • 1278 days ago via site
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This squirrel was resting on my back deck due to the heat.

  • 1418 days ago via site
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This squirrel was resting on my back deck due to the heat. He is laying down completely now.

  • 1418 days ago via site
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