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Row row, fight the badly made wall scroll hooks!

The Raid is really really good. So is CM10/Paranoid Android. Here, have a bit of both.


Uuugghh, its the thought that counts?

Burger sandwiches motherf**kers, what up?

BLUE SKIES BLUE SKIES Why does this make me so happy aaaaaaaahhhh


Why is everyones birthday in April? Even the Queen can't help it.

All hail the greatest milkshake ever made- the Dave.

New wallpaper again, hopefully the quality won't suck balls like last time.

Oh wow, this is the cleanest my desktop has been in years.

I are clever. Office Panorama inspired by

Who's an expert bargain hunter? I'm an expert bargain hunter.


Best. Song. Ever. I'm not sure words can describe how good it is. #np #protomen

more DSlite repairs. I swear this thing is going to be covered in green eventually.


Bored. Wondering why I hadn't thought of this before. +1 productivity.

50% overcome with adorable. 50% very, very confused.

Question: why don't netbooks come preinstalled with Ubuntu 10.10 instead of crappy Win7 starter?

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