Rebekah Mason


Avid: reader, singer, thinker, movie quoter. | Appreciates: witty humor, the mind, words & people. | Aspiring motivational speaker! | Ps 34:1-2; Eph 2:8-9

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"As I went down to the river to stalk, Iron Man 3 on the Riverwalk...Good Lord, show us the way!"

. DOST THOU RECOGNIZE THIS?! If thy answer be, "nay." alack! I will think thee either a rogue or a clodpate.

Saw #IronMan3 filming for a brief moment at the country club. "WE ARE BREATHING THEIR AIR."

Dinner cookin' & audiobook listenin' :)

You did it! Congratulations! NUMBER 1 RESTAURANT!!! Great job everybody! It's great to be here. #elf

Awhh, how can I resist that cute face? Okay, Rip, you can have some turkey bacon. #spoiled

Now THAT'S what I call a good piece of bread! #5fiber #ilovebread


Hey that's a good idea, Rip. #smartdog

Drew a cover for my binder as a daily reminder that life is a GIFT from above. #dontwasteyourlife

Teaching my dog a new phrase, "Go to your corner!" #idonotlikethecornerofshame #baddog

Feeling rather blue today.... ;)

How to eat a Flaming Amy's burrito.

Tired doggy. #longday

Leaving my hamster home :( but I assure you he is safe and warm. See? #suchamom

Watching Inception AGAIN with my doggyyy. #obsessed #mindblown


Say "Hello" to my new wall! Goodbye, wall... I think 2 years was enough. #bittersweet

I am so cool! #excited

Trying to clean your room, making it a bigger mess, giving up & falling asleep on the pile of mess.

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