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DUNE KITTEH!!! cc: (I miss you homes)

SET LIST!!! Fuck. Yea. #SmashingPumpkins #OMFG!!!!!!!

This is how close we are...NO RAILS OR GATE!! ...I am touching the stage!

I am so sunburnt... this has been sizzling my skin since noon...

Walking oldest if officially to cool to walk with me...

So much hair!!

I just pulled a pen out of the freaking idea how long it has been in there...

Whhhhhhhhhhhy aren't these in my size!! •cries•

I'm pretty sad these don't come in adult sizes...


Skip work you guys and come over for coffee. Christmas jammies are not required...

I like yummy things.

Blue Bunny! And yes...every inch of my freezer is devoted to frozen treats...

Do NOT try this at home. Ever. Just don't...

Yes. I have the coolest first grader ever.

I just cut 162 bars of #LuxuryLaneSoap with a single guitar string...because I'm that cussing hardcore.

Done!!! A little over eight hours of actual needle to skin time, done in two sessions within a week. Grrrr!

#BoobieWed #FuckCancer #EarlyDetectionSAVESLIVES Discussion over on G+ this afternoon! & TY for the well wishes!

I lost a Lego. Can u help me find it.