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Writer of comics such as NIGHTWING, DEATHSTROKE, GATES OF GOTHAM, SUPREME POWER. Film director on the side. Hold the relish.

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Looks like I'l be recording with tomorrow for his badass Fatman on Batman! Topic of conversation:

From our upcoming issue 0...

Here's me and at Bears training camp #BearDown

How about another Nightwing 0 tease? :)

From Nightwing 0, courtesy of and Eber Ferreira

I needed Nightwing logos... so I made some

A birthday email from Mom this morning contained the following picture

Most amazing Ninja Turtles-in-real-life picture EVER

Here's a fun picture of me and the voice of Nightwing at Wonder Con!

One more tease for tomorrow's issue... #NightofOwls

Also, who says doesn't know how to have fun? Even if it is the LIGHT variety...

My favorite shot from the New Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Owls, owls, owls...

Here's a panel from Nightwing 9. Things are about to get CRAZY :)

Next up? OWLS. And I promise you this-- issues 8 and 9 make issue 7 look tame :)

Here's hipster Nightwing thanks to . Now in color

We're back to the mystery in issue 6 though, as Saiko MAJORLY tightens the noose on our favorite acrobat!

Yeah, but does YOUR issue 5 have dialogue as awesome as THIS?

In honor of the holiday, here's a little Nightwing 5 sneak from me, and . Merry Christmas!

Going to bed early after a long day but I leave you with another awesome panel from Nightwing 4 and

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