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DUDE!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF MICE -- RUN MAN, RUN!!!!!! #morningCATface

At rocking it in the front row where all the cool kids are.

portrait of baron n. Is another favorite, predicting photoshop layers. Brilliant!

Done. Now I belong to the Drowning Girl's bills.

Done. Now I belong to the Drowning Girl's bills.

I'm going to get started after I clean the freaking kitchen. Four songs on the iPod, like a fiend, then I stop.

Hey buddy, you have two choices. One involves a can, the other this claw & your nose. #morningCATface

At to see eurydice. They have many of my photos in the lobby!

Dh000d! Giant rat! Giant rat IN THE BED! Wait, might be a sock. Sock or rat. #morningCATface

At coco w/ the cast of Dead Man's Cell Phone. If you hurry you can catch us.

Dude. Did I scare you? Did you think I was a shark? I look like a shark-don't I? A great tuxedo shark? #morningCATface

Dude!!! 99% of cat food is eaten by ME! #morningCATface

xxx from us on the train!

On the set of the Drowning Girl. No danger of actual drowning today.

Another iPhone shot from The Drowning Girl. This is Nicola who plays Imp.

#iPhonetography from the Drowning Girl shoot w/ & Check it out. It's good. I promise.

Rain is trying to spoil our shoot. #wonthappen

On the train to Providence w/ Brian & to start the Drowning Girl shoot w/ The future awaits.

My wife is kicking my ass in pinball.

Dooood!!! Check out my Halloween costume!!! I'm gonna be the sphinx!!!! -- too obvious? #morningCATface