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Independent classical-ish musician/theatre artist; admin/comms professional; mom of a 2-year old kid/2 old basset hounds.

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The good life

Happy Valentine's day

Step 1: take all toys off shelf. Step 2: climb onto shelf. Step 3: ????? Step 4: PROFIT!!!!

For Valentine's Day, Gus has thoughtfully personalized 's playbook - or at least drooled on it

Dear owners of 1824, 1826 Gerrard St E, the stroller-pushers and people in mobility devices tell you to fuck off

Madeline dresses for the weather

react to #pope news

Cecil at the drop-in centre

coconut jam at the Big Carrot

Cecil has started giving Gus hugs. It's pretty goddamn adorable

sed iz mah hat giv it bak ah sez no looks bettar on meh GUS

Cecil has been up for 45 minutes and the room is already a disaster area

Gus likes his creature comforts


Accidentally discovered that this is an outfit This kid has too many clothes.

Gus and his pillow