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quench your thirst

sunday brunch. #DamnImGood #everyweek

two piece with a matching tee #metroadventure #picturesofstrangers (inspired by )

I love going to and getting meat juices all over me.

literally brought a tear to my eye

glad I just traded a dollar for 4 of them.

does it look like this? just a simple brunch

damn I make good breakfast #barefootpantless

this is what happens when I get off my toot

who's intoxicated after hours #Iam

these are for you buddy

dirty diapers comes with the nanny gig.

#adventuresinbabysitting taking my niece to the grocery store. first pick up...distraction

me and all the boys. straight football talk all day. thank you $3 big boys. #reasonstoplayoutsidetheloop

turkey. not for me.


literally just got meat juice in my lap. thanks

look what I'm getting for $10.

way to be politically correct target

yes please

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