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I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away - KJS ❤️ Registered Nurse ❤️ My mad 1 @hauntedtwilight ❤️ Living in the USA but ❤️ is in England!

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Kristen helping me feel better while assisting me with taking my medicated tea

Selling my Fragmented block case by getuncommon (same as Kristen Stewart) for iPhone 5/5s..anyone interested?

Ummm no thanks >

Camp X-ray at London film festival while I'm in London... So yea I'll be going on the 17th!

New wallpaper

New wallpaper holy hell she's hot!!

New wallpaper holy hell she's hot

Kristen's eyes though FFS just when I think she can't possibly get hotter.. She does

Sweet baby Jesus http://twitpic.com/eae7b0

Sweet baby Jesus

Holy hotness!

This girl gets more flawless with each photo shoot... Lawd!

How I feel this morning ( #ladiesoflondon ) >

Lawd maybe he is perfect as Mr. Grey after all

Just had a moment at Target!

Perfect initials #KJS

Oh my.. The convict everyone was drooling over was killed by his wife after being released from jail.

Red version of Kristen's car.. Cute!

Wanted to say this on Facebook but my family would probably disown me so I'll just say it here or rather show it here

Off 2bed..Thank you for an amazing night! , &I had a blast in the Reflection Section