I design, draw and make stuff. I like coffee, cats and computer games. I overuse this smiley :) I hardly ever tweet...

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First weekend in ages I've not had to work! And it's a nice long weekend! Yip Yip! Have a nice one y'all, I'm off!

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PS. If there are any Japanese speakers or Gocoo experts about, can you identify what the mystery tube with 15 is for me please?

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#OlympicMascots I've taken it upon myself to design some mascots for the mascots.The 'Fuzzibaws' follow Wenlock and Mandeville everywhere they go!

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I sewed my first ever thing yesterday - it's a bit messy but it kind of came out pretty much the right shape....

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Even the back of the envelope is cute! Why doesn't the UK have more fun things on everyday items like this?

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I just got the cutest parcel of goodies from Thailand - what a nice Friday treat :)

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Chortle! I'm not liking this Ricky Gervais thing much - I don't like the way the mouths animate. Almost as annoying as Wallace & Gromit

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I've only just realised the plant I've been faithfully watering is fake :) DUH! (Looks pretty real though!)

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Just printed some fabric in my little inkjet printer. I'm well impressed with how well it did the detail!

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Digital doodle.

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Found a fantastic model for the earring 'action shots' though! Lovely girl, no attitude. Doesn't say much though, must be a bit shy...

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Yay! I finally managed to take some photos that weren't all grainy :) I must have messed a setting up before, they were coming out awful and doing my head in. This kind of thing is acceptable though?

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Oh yes :)

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If I see this one more time tonight, I'm throwing the computer out the window! I will beat you boss man robot thing!

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More sneaky peekiness. I promise the proper photos will be a bit better if the sun decides to play nicely!

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SNEAKY PEEK! I'm so excited, my stuff got delivered today, woohoo! :D

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Well I've certainly got a lot of work done this afternoon...

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I scream.

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Make way for the mushrooms!

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