I design, draw and make stuff. I like coffee, cats and computer games. I overuse this smiley :) I hardly ever tweet...

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I made a Tamagotchi out of Portal! Feed him Edgeless Safety Cubes to keep him happy :) It's not very challenging.

  • 985 days ago via site
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A cat ghost head girl thing.... I really should think of snappier titles for stuff...

  • 1019 days ago via site
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Seen in a game of Left4Dead... I admit the pic is quite compromising, but I swear it wasn't me that killed him!

  • 1047 days ago via site
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Yay! Moriz is all pink and fuzzy :D

  • 1047 days ago via site
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I found my army of Morizeseses! Need to send one off to be experimented on today....

  • 1059 days ago via site
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That cannibal cupcake should team up with my zombie donuts! :D

  • 1067 days ago via site
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I've been pushing pixels...

  • 1069 days ago via site
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Can any Illustrator users tell me why I always seem to have a little line on the join edge when I make a pattern?

  • 1081 days ago via site
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I only meant to draw the little things in the middle...

  • 1084 days ago via site
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Aww look what my friend in Oz has to play with. I'm so jealous!

  • 1087 days ago via site
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Also discovered how hard it is to photograph shiny silver without camera lenses/fingers being reflected. Oops!

  • 1087 days ago via site
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I made something tiny and shiny. And I got to use a blowtorch, rar!

  • 1087 days ago via site
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Popped outside to take pics of some new bits & pieces I've been making - the snow is a great light reflector!

  • 1092 days ago via site
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I had my new parcel stickers made into real rosettes!

  • 1108 days ago via site
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A festive doodle & a great sprout avoiding get-out clause! http://bit.ly/vhnoWd

  • 1138 days ago via site
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I drew a Sonic for http://fuckyeahidiotsonic.tumblr.com/ Just look at that gleaming ring!

  • 1145 days ago via site
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Last posting dates for Xmas orders. For some countries it's next week so I thought I should mention it now

  • 1161 days ago via site
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Yum yum, doesn't veggie bacon look appetising? Like little slices off the soles of feet...

  • 1172 days ago via site
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Happy Halloween all!

  • 1189 days ago via site
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It's Dancing Bear Friday!

  • 1199 days ago via site
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