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James and me :")

we shudnt worry:") logan said: but dont u worry (no) cuz u have my heart;) dustin and me last year ^^

#OneThingILove *__*

in yo face

ur goin to die if u say one more word bout my boys!


Pls everyone check this out!! Laughin my ass off!!! Hahahaha!! #IShould'veKissYou is not bout 1D hahahaha

yeaah *__* he called me beautiful *__* pulled me into a MAD tight hug, gave me a plektrum (for guitar)

Hahaha *__*


Mee(: didnt wanted to be alone (:

Like a boossss!!(;

Like a BOSS!!(;

ur a rusher right?! Wud u ever be mean to another rusher tht way?!

Call urself a rusher?! No rusher talks to his rusher sister tht way! :/

Ur a rusher? Ight. But now u tell me u dunno i'll give u 5scnds to gtfo or i cnt promise to behave -.-"

I only miss u when i'm breathing.. <\3 is way betta when than u anyways xDD

Dear , you cannot taste me, until you undress me. Sincerely, Banana.

Bahahah!!(; lets play doctor(;

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