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NuthinButStack$/VET$ all day a day. Blessed to death and willing to wk. Long as u sucka free.

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Hotties on Deck at the Beach! Hahaha! #PermTime

Killin it on OOB! If u don't know the abreviation then u don't need to know. Vegas next weekend! Aww Mayne #PermTime

#Cosign dooks took me to the Supreme store! My fuckin g. #PermTime shout 2 Sammy #Swagems ill show

Fux what ya heard Sizz n The Knuckler gets it poppin in NYC! #PermTime

In NYC with my G's n Sizz. Epic Weekend #PermTime

Bartender keep em comin, its time to get slithered!

Your favorite hot sauce! Aww Mayne! #PermTime

Had to cop the iced out G-Shock to add to the collection! Aww man! #PermTime

TBC, Mark Walburg, Knuckie Jhonson n Gettin Slitherd! #Vets #PermTime

TBC, Coach, Mark Walburg, Knuckie Johnson, Gronk, Mr. Saprano n Rocky. #TheCommision #PermTime

Shooter McGavin n the faction! #Vets #PermTime

Even Pablo Escobar throws them V's up! We went in since day 1 pussy #Vets

If this is lunch just imagine what dinners gonna look like. Tuna prepared by my main chef Kev #PermTime

lets do it! Bout 2 take em #Back2TheFuture out this bitch! #PermTime

Ima Boston Bruin Red Sox n Celtic mafuca,wit Patriot Pride holdn fort with niggas far from suckers... #PermTime

Lord of The Things aka V Knuckle$!!! # PermTime

#Slitherd with and big Chara from the Boston Bruins!! #Champions #Vets #MoneyAllDay #PermTime

Me n my homie Huggy (aka Fish shoes) from "I'm Gonna Get u Sucka" 1 of rthe funniest movies of all time. #PermTime

The Bruins already shaved their playoff beards. Good shit fellas #BostonStandUp The Cup is finally back in #TitleTown

I'm at Tia's wit the Champions! The Boston Bruins! Its goin down now, Fux wit cha boi! U see the Stanley Cup! #PermTime