knit, bake, bike, yoga, sarcasm, beach.....hmmm. too many assorted /unseemly things to mention...

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LOL. Kinda true tho.

it's a wee bit warmer than this:

oh...there's beer. Didn't want to sound too 'boozer'.


Haha! Zombie fingers.

I question humanity in general when the invention of squirrel underpants makes money. File under #wtf's a squirrel pic maybe you can make use of

Inflatable unicorn horn! #unicorn #tomfoolery

Fun....but I'm dying. Lol.

It begins......

Look what I "made"!

Yes...they ARE beautiful. ;)

Oh yes. It's even better than it sounds. #nomtastic

Apparently this is not on sale yet....not bad

From my room, tiny zebra butt (giggle). #Disney

Fookin' DirecTv.

Should I be excited? Concerned? Hmmmm. #mystery

Someone's been taking showers with me....and sure looks happy. :P

White boy has corn rows, braids, tattoos, AND a design cut into his beard. Peacock maybe??

Slide is a busy place! (Just for the guys)