Klaudia Elizabeth


I listen to music 24/7, no matter what kind it is. I love going to concerts and meeting bands, famous or not! My only talent is sarcasm. Oh and I'm a Potterhead

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So i got £50 for christmas and I'm probably getting some money for my birthday next week...

So perfect

You and me could write a bad romance

Ready for dinner :) Then seeing my family on Skype. Finally feels a little more like christmas! :')

My Xmas skull XD

New 'My Chemical Wall' are you jealous guys?

My Harry Potter Chess which actually move and make sounds :D

Pic of i've printed long ago, it didn't came out the way i wanted but he still looks beautiful

Pokémon cards c:

Got it!

Found my brothers game boy and 2 games with it :D wonder where's mine...

This cat just sat in front of my door so i gave him some food :D he's visiting us quite often lately c:

I don't like pictures with serious Andy I prefer when his smiling or making silly faces xD


Paint me like on of your French girls, Gerard

That's why I don't have many friends at school

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