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I had/have stage 4 colon cancer, TWICE...and it's Kinky. ΔΣΘ | Voiceover Artist | Displaced Radio Personality | #TeamJesus | #IAmTheVoice

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#TBT - Life as a shorty. #RIP to 100.3 in Los Angeles. I LOVED THAT JOB.

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ALPHA RHO DID THAT….Congratulations to Spr 14: 9 Virtues of AdAPtation #ShawU

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Suddenly, I'm interested in this #NCAA stuff. #Mercer SUNNED #Duke. #NaeNae HUAHHHHHHHH!

Suddenly, I'm interested in this #NCAA stuff. #Mercer SUNNED #Duke. #NaeNae HUAHHHHHHHH!

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Speaking at for the @ Women In Power series this Monday. Get to see my homie

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The truthfus will set you freeth.

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Today is the start of protective style season. I managed to make my hair obey and lay down. #NaturalHairProblems

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To ingest poison in an attempt to save your life and feel as if you are DROWNING under the weight of it all...

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I would love to pitch a story about my art exhibit involving my cancer. Can you help?

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Great Uncle Greatness....

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SUPER FRUSTRATED. To cut or not to cut. To lye or not to lye. That is that question. #Awkward #NaturalHairProblems

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I'm gonna bear my soul this October. I'm trying to raise money for the CCAlliance.

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Totally giddy for ! Congratulations! Welcome to the sisterhood. #ILoveMyDST #DST100

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YASSSS ! Thank you. Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Council, sir? #ZimmermanTrial

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I am competing to be Washington DC's NEXT BIG VOICE. Voting just started. Check it out. CRAZY! Help if you can.

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I am praying for this little girl. I specifically asking God for a miracle. #prayfortalia

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Oh snap! I want a #KinkyCancer Barbie! She looks just like me! Minus my tremendously thick hips.

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Eyes were watching and apparently, eyes were listening too.When ppl have nice things to say abt me, I feel so good

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Momma said KNOCK YOU OUT! #CancerSucks

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The pain that I am enduring today is my fault. I NEEDED to be at #MSNBC headquarters 2 see history, but I am TIRED

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- My husband and I are totally moving FOURward.

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