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Everyone #drivesafe today & feel free to curse at any groundhogs. Weather no better in area for #OMRON.

Thank you to of & Sgt Chamberland of for their work as vice-chair & chair of #OMRON.

In Oakville for a 2 day #OMRON meeting. Strange to see our former Chief Tanner in a uniform

An example of the unique & dangerous weapons we seize off of people. Wolverine fan? #NotTheBestAtWhatHeDoes

Roads are slippery & near white-out conditions. Please drive safely (taken from passenger seat). #ygk

Loved the earlier comments on our poor cold & bare Chargers. What personality trait would this seasoned member have?

New Dodge Charger police cruisers looking sad in the snow without any love or decals.

This sign tells the rest of our staff in the station who aren't training (including civilians) not to be alarmed.

Practicing control techniques on an arrested individual prior to handcuffing:

Our practice dummies appear to have a sour disposition:

From our prior post that showed a baton collapsed, here it is expanded:

Just finished baton techniques. They have improved over the old ones that couldn't collapse & were cumbersome.

Starting to get the heart rate going now. Using empty-hand techniques in the DT room.

Notice that Officer Presence & Communication can be present & important in all situations, even life & death ones.

Probably the most important photo of today: The Ontario Use of Force Model. We MUST be justified in our actions.

Starting off our training day in the classroom. Beginning with our wonderfully sarcastic civilian property manager.

Now practicing an officer's ability to make critical decisions. 1 side of target has a knife, the other a bare hand.

Resuming firearms training after qualification this morning. Simulating night scenarios using flashlights.

The only monotonous part of the day - cleaning up brass.

Shooting from a kneeling position.