A baby Jabberwocky


I am in an obscure type of man.

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Yeah, I look pretty fly and warm right now lool


Nigga is sleeping in the waiting room

Look at him, #LikeABossz he is every so cute tho. I be hatin him sometimes, but 89% of 'cuddlez' is acceptable

Can't even walk down this isle .. I feel like I am about to get ambushed by Al-Qaeda

One isle in my warehouse of alcohol. The boxes are above my head, Fuck Christmas and New Years

I love waking up and feeling like this :)

not a V8

BeerCozy on my hand .. I feel like Megamen

1: Penn State all day 2: who is this Mr. Nicholas Guercia ¿ 3: #Holla

How far is far enough .. #BaconVodka .. (yes I already know they have it) .. I work at a liquor store loool

Ill be damn'd if I don't look good in my smiley face tie #Holla

Same fucking leaf removal truck blocking my way again .. He was in front of me going to work now again #snowisbetterlol

Um .. Pretty sure cold goes on the right .. Where am I #CommunistRussia

So .. There so fucking many rednecks in cammo at this nut ass dinner .. I don't think they like my 49ers hat

Devert your eyes to 'Fountain Pop' ... Ohio keeps getting gayier

All day #pennstatehard