Johnny Magnum


There are those that fear me and those who revere me, but you will hear me addressed by the same name, King. |̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊

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Mama I Made it...

look like a CSI evidence bag now, but its bout to taste delicious later.

My cyber life aint shit smh...

its that time #RealNiggaWassup?

have you heard? you should.

keep playin


so this S4 has mad pratical voice commands

I just want a woman i dont mind waking up to to suck me off to sleep.

then this graced my timeline. ==> Whats wrong with your head?

so why did i see this pic of Stacey Dash and thought it was you?

word, because thats NEVER been done before.


like this

tried a quick cursive one first, what you think?

i still dont even know who that is looking like