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I wasn't born, I was sketched and invented... For booking email STEELERS NATION

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RT : Look at page nigga has so much hurt on his TL from my comment to his pretend girl

RT : so? sometimes the dick is bigger than you expected

Guess who's bday it is today..... This guy. Dirty 30 baby

Guess who's bday it is today..... This guy. Dirty 30 baby

Got the free battery replacement in my iPhone on Sunday. This bitch better than ever. Still ain't charged yet

RT : It's mad chicks on here not as desirable as these niggas made y'all...

RT : Go on

RT : Love those lips between my legs.. Yours.

Just so y'all know this desert Vegas life is real. Almost 12:30am and it's 100 still out. Know hell...

They asking who was the hardest between Niño Brown, O Dog, Bishop, or Dough Boy.... Man I say Niño Brown all day


These chicks out here trying to trap niggas and I'm out here like

RT : Suckin dick is so relaxing I'd be ready to sleep after swallowing

RT : We comparing fleshlights to dildos? K.

Vegas life

This bitch really came to continental breakfast with just this on. This is why I hate niggas dawg smh

Fuck it

RT : “: Both of my teams gonna get that W tomorrow. #49ers #Patriots