Keyser Soze


I wasn't born, I was sketched and invented... For booking email STEELERS NATION

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RT : It's mad chicks on here not as desirable as these niggas made y'all...

RT : Go on

RT : Love those lips between my legs.. Yours.

Just so y'all know this desert Vegas life is real. Almost 12:30am and it's 100 still out. Know hell...

They asking who was the hardest between Niño Brown, O Dog, Bishop, or Dough Boy.... Man I say Niño Brown all day


These chicks out here trying to trap niggas and I'm out here like

RT : Suckin dick is so relaxing I'd be ready to sleep after swallowing

RT : We comparing fleshlights to dildos? K.

Vegas life

This bitch really came to continental breakfast with just this on. This is why I hate niggas dawg smh

Fuck it

RT : “: Both of my teams gonna get that W tomorrow. #49ers #Patriots

RT : u crazy! I'm the best driver in the bay, u better ask about me

RT : @ me doe

I pray I'm never THAT guy. Cakin my girl & local niggas lookin at me like "bruh we trained her 2 months ago..Twice"

RT : I'm out ✌️

RT : you ain't down

RT : One of my followers was in my dream...again. I dream of him frequently and i dont fucking know why