Even though I wanna turn away I know my heart is gonna stay.

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Loving maths now hehehehe Got an A

Yeah you're right. But I will choose on friday when they arrive :-)

Can anyone tell me how the app is called which makes effect likes this for photos? Like circles an hearts

Follow meeee Conor! I love ya

night jungs! das me getting ready for bed! pe pe peace out xxxx

my new wristwatch :)

love my new denim jacket

I've got Jedpower

woohooo i wanted nice weather but this is abnormal for germany. seriously, i'm dying :(

my boots arrived!!! love them

and miss you

miss you

And I got my godchild grey vans! Gonna get her pink ones tomorrow too :)

Shopping was successful! :))

I have #contrast also already :) Best album ever!

Birthday cake. Love this one

Conooor I changed the cover of my #contrast album on itunes :) And I adore Just In Case

Love this card which Lenä made for me so much!

Me and my godchild at my birthday party right now

wuha a surprise party for me??? really??? as if i didn't know junge.