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Poor little MacBook Pro.

Hey … remember those postcards I picked up in the French Market last year?

My best friend is better than your best friend. Proof: she made this for me from postcards.

I’m so very confused by this flippant response by to ’s question.

Claire Huxtable wasn’t fictional to me. She was like a LOT of Black women I grew up hoping to emulate.

I don’t understand this - how does that even work? You put dirty dishes in with the clean??

Channelling my inner Rosannadanna this morning?

Tom Colton’s farm has been in his family for 10 generations #otif2014

Eden Riley is managing the tour this year. #otif2014

4th quarter. 21-0 Falcons. All the sun here. #youcare

TOUCHDOWN!!! Go Falcons!!! #youreallowedtosayhuh #imshockedtoo

have to get a pic of the other side.

This made me giggle.

This made me giggle.

Technically still summer but look at this gorgeous sunset last weekend - no edits/retouching

maybe Bart Simpson?

RT If you care about women and still support the NFL, you are a hypocrite



Sunset & Gene Kelly.