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Host, technology enthusiast, creator of The Young Turks Network's Nerd Alert. I know all the games you play because I've played them too. Avatar by Dave Bryant

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Yeah! Happy New- ...what?

Also, Doug. Following me put you at 421. I'm sorry I ruined everything.

TIL: apparently it's not normal to use empty Xmas popcorn things as mini trash cans. I did this my whole childhood...

And the winner of most useful/positive message to me goes to...Netflix!

Not cool, Lego Batman.

Dave, Dave what did you leave here? Can I have some?

Pro tip: Just because you're loud and aggressive doesn't mean you grasp the situation and you're right.

Oh look, your favorite compliment on my Instagram.

Let's all hold hands now. Yes, you too, Nintendo and PC. Don't act like you're too cool, bring it in!

Dave Bryant is also the artist behind this awesome depiction of my boss literally punching corruption!

Awe and thanks go to David Bryant and for this- I love it! Best totally factual depiction of me ever ;D

Tee hee, . Also: coupon for you?

That Bobak is so hot right now.

AGGGH! Son of a bosh'tet! Fan artist lupodirosso's Garrus and Tali hoodie designs are real and official!

Just a reminder that Justin Beiber tattooed this monstrosity on someone's actual body.

I feel deceived, Xbox Live screen! Just say "Netflix" instead! Sad face.

. Oh. You mean... THESE??

. Oh. You mean... THESE??