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Amazon Parrot who lives with my mum but I call her warden cause she holds the key 2 my cage .U can call me Penne

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how is this? Will try and cut them shorter

well, she is making neck scarf things like this now. They are nice.

no, I belong to Wicket. Not sure if he will have me. He tries to mail himself to me though

yes, he lives with . He looks stoned half the time. I like them stoned.

yes, that is probably it. Opposites attract. Just so you know, I cant marry you. I am marrying Wicket.

we think u are blinded by his pastiness

Dugal, did you see Andy Murray asking his girlfriend why she called him Mummy's Boy?

Andy to girlfriend, "did you just call me a mummy's boy?

I think I will get this outfit for Warden to wear on inauguration day. Hee Hee. What do you think?

lookie Andy just said to his girlfriend, "Did u just call me a mummy's boy?

lots of wind tomorrow. You be careful Maggie.

wow! She bought the store out. Warden is sending you this one she is just finishing. Do u like the colors?

tell your momma to stay home today. Raining cats and dogs there

well, I will send you some.

look at Kiki sitting on her daddy.

can't believe E would be in love with this.

at least he doesn't look like a girl

look at Rafa as flag bearer when young. So sweet.

warden says 5 1/2 feet. Here is it now.Great how it changes color. White to blue to purple now

warden wants to try this.