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Hyper-spaz,Worrywart, #Pagan and a fucking weirdo.

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I'm having a startwars heart attack in the middle of Joann fabrics. I want it. I WANT IT ALL.


Can YOU guess who won the Philly/Buffalo game today? #megasadface #istillloveyouphilly lol

Ilya Bryzgalov, Block that puck, WITH YOUR FUCKING LIFE TODAY.Okay? :) #Philadelphia

Dear #Vanswarpedtour2013 ,
Fuck this line up.
Sincerely, Every Non-sparkleball-licker in America. And probably the UK too.

I hang out with fucking criminals xD
Sarcastic,asshole criminals :>

iiiii hate this shit.
Reveal yourself,Fool. Or perish!

My new phone screens ^_^
Such a beautiful human.

I can't tell you how much I missed Lotus cuddling with me in the morning.I Don't wanna leave my buddie :(

Lol My mother is convinced i hit someone in her car."Which is why the tire is leaking." She says.
Are you fucking serious.lol

Friday night movies with my kitteh. #antisocialcatlady lol

When darkness falls.
I'll be terrorizing the neighborhood.

Oh,as I drive past with four large pentagrams on my car.. Hope I don't get burned alive! Hahahah xD #Pagan

New Starwars shirt.
And it's ridiculously awesome ^_^ #spacenerd

Yes,Force that "happyhappy joyjoy" smile. You know, like Ren with his happy helmet


Not ready to be awake yet-but i kinda have to for the stupid children so they don't set house on fire-face.

♡ E.A.P

No matter the day I've had,this makes a happy Kati..My illegitimate furry child.

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