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Turning your orbit around, one sassy tweet at a time. #yeg enthusiast Kathleen Smith. Huffington Post contributor. Founding Diva of http://t.co/HS5EyH7p

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Did we also steal your ability to SPELL?!

Obligatory food pic. Bacon corn chowder made with #shoplocal love. #yeg

#Ward5 drama. Hennigar team busted on camera messing with Oshry's signs. Stay classy, #yegvote

#Ward5 drama. Hennigar team busted on camera messing with Oshry's signs. Stay classy, #yegvote

Just another #yeg slum lord. Getting my #yegvote on. Because I don't live in a 3-story palace!

What happens when I step away from phone for 5 mins. Oh dear.

Wearin' the cross of my calling, on wheels of fire I come rolling down here. - The Rising #remember #firstresponders

this is how your tweets showed up. I'm dying of laughter in a school lobby.

. Pembina Institute does contract work FOR oil & gas industry. Why aren't you telling your followers this?

I did. And noted Mandel made NO endorsement as the Mayor. You miss that part?

I did read it. And clearly noted Mandel made NO endorsement as TV mayor. Miss that?

We can always count on to resort to trademark #islamophobia & #racism. #SunNews #cdnpoli (cc: )

Because if you missed calling out Ezra Le-rant, you don't know from awesome:

Canadian SWAT - things get rough once autumn comes and the force thins out considerably.

What happens on the fan page when you refute sham #Fukushima radiation photo with fact.

In fact, it is alcohol & tobacco that are gateway drugs, but we tax those so there is silence:

The gateway hypothesis is now considered debunked by most addiction specialists. From BJM:

. should open your speech at leadership convention with this. Wearing a hat broke to the side.

Dear #ableg: if you're gonna do memes, make 'em funny. THIS is funny!! #upinsmoke #cdnpoli

Now THIS is a meme. This is "memes done right". ;-) #Mileygate