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Apparently there is already a Kimmmiey... really?

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Happy thanksgiving from the 229 #thunderstruck

Yes sams club. I would like a giant tub of mangoes.

Thai iced tea and sweet and sour chicken. #delicious #arroymaak

Snoop dog does not understand that she has to eat an hour later #fallback

Social media on a banana. I think this is starting to go too far.

He who must not be named. unlit

going with Voldemort. Not enough room for both.

Harry potter pumpkin. :)

giving new york city a try. #Firsttimeinthebigapple

One too many people came. Drowning my standby sorrows with subway.

princesses of pop part two. Twenty five different flavors.

Twenty five hour energy... A full day. That makes me nervous.

Sometimes i want to get in a barfight... But i never do. - Trey clark

Most delicious meal I've ever made. #mangoBBQchicken

Getting fixed... Cigars #waccharades

Is my fly down? I get nervous. #waccharades

Jesus coming down the Dali Lama

Airplane airplane FLY LIKE AN EAGLE #waccharades

:'That was excellent charading' #waccharades

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