A big The Cure fan, a huge Ramones fan, an enormous blink-182 fan, and a really big Metallica fan.

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I really want to try this tonight but I'm too shy : (

Now watching #MUTV #MUFC #CHAMPIONS2013

Dapat surat khabar Roket semasa di pasar malam TTDI. #GE13

Meanwhile, the view from my new bedroom window.

Sad day.

I'll have my brother stop by this Saturday to pick up my things, just make sure you're not there

Haha macam Kiram pun ada?

Time macam ni nak balik rumah? Baik gua terjun je bangunan ni?

Tadi tak ada parking, so gua park je la tepi jalan. Rasanya kena saman tak?

This one!

Nothing much, just playing Xbox. Can't wait for tonight. #barcamilan #ucl #forzamilan

Let's have a threesome, Everlyn and Elise.

Viva Selangor.

Can we get this team there? #LahadDatu #PrayForLahadDatu

If you mess with us , you mess with the best. #LahadDatu #PrayForLahadDatu

Today is pay day. Just bought some jerseys #milan #juventus #psg

My guitar tech setting up my rigs. Guitarmageddon.

Macam biasa mai Jalan Bellamy duk pekena pari bakaq sama sotong bakaq sepukui sempoi baq hang

Friday night dinner.

Still not sure which one of these I should wear for tonight. #forzamilan #UCL #holdtogether