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Tonight's DIY Halloween decoration: (Tomorrows is the best)

Fuckin done! Our Halloween entry way (glowing eyes added soon)

Haunted Machinima Entrance step 4: last look before radio silence ALSO my cat

Haunted Machinima Entrance step 3: Face! (now to add mods and paint it)

Haunted Machinima Entrance step 2: Evil forms (cutting begins)

Haunted Machinima Entrance step 1: Design -

Oh good, there's a Subway sandwich taunt available in Uncharted.

Drake hates loading a much as I do:

Made a cool pin today

After much debate I bought the one on the right

Shwiiiiiing...image of Anne Hathaway in full Catwoman costume on set of Dark Knight Rises

The Battlefield 3 special edition PS3 may melt your face a bit

Dear Machinima: this is what you get when you send me and to a convention

I can find 10 things wrong with this painting

#ThumbsUpTo totally not creepy art

Good choices guys! Fried Kool-Aid (6 out of 10) but Fried Klondike holy shiiiiiiiit (10 out of 10)!!!

#ThumbsUpTo me finding your avatar in the wild

#ThumbsUpTo being this hardcore of a fan ()

#ThumbsUpTo Wizard playing air guitar

So far: 2- frogs legs, 3- Kool-Aid, 4 - Klondike! The 4 votes for "all of them", NO! cause I have to eat this first:

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