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I play games, support healthcare software and avidly follow Mizzou sports and MLB (Houston/Oakland).

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This is how to get someone who went t1 island, crypt, worn powerstone to scoop before their t2. #edh #mtgo

When I started with this deck, I tried to play nice. Now it's just fun the opposite.

Well, guess not. #mtgo #edh

u are a douchebag #mtgo #edh

See, this deck is totally reasonable.

First pure disconnect I've gotten in a long time playing commander on #mtgo. #ragequit

Too bad this draft apparently isn't real. It was a good one. Hopefully I still get the cards.

Release sealed: Built this weird 4-color controlish monstrosity. At least the mana base is shaky.

I think this is correct. Higher risk, but that's the only way to win this.

This is pretty complex. Obviously Green, but white and red are really top heavy, everything else is mediocre.

No way this happens three rounds in a row. Right? #mtgo

And somehow, Round 3 was easier than Round 2. #mtgo

The easiest way to improve to 2-0 ever. #mtgo

Do you stuff in Planar Cleansing? #mtgo

My hotel room in Wiston-Salem has a great view of a giant...building. #thatsapenis!

#awkward #mtgo

I think this might do OK. #mtgo

I beat to work? That's odd. Completely unrelated, this seems like an awesome parking spot. #trollface

Triple Chronomaton? I think I just win.

Fuck you, ESPN. #astros

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