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Target acquired...

  • 1853 days ago via api
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My friend Josh just showed me his Nintendo Power collection, 1988 - 1997.

  • 1856 days ago via api
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I made you a great white shark cookie. He's been feasting.

  • 1870 days ago via api
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This is the cutest little kitty.. living across the hall from me.

  • 1880 days ago via api
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Yay we have liftoff!

  • 1889 days ago via api
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As much as I'd love to return this theater at midnight to see Potter, I will wait, for my friends on Friday.

  • 1890 days ago via api
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Mr. Happy hasn't done much yet, been chilling.

  • 1890 days ago via api
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Apparently Jesus paid for this. Should I be worried that it's empty?

  • 1894 days ago via api
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Opened my door this morning to find a tower of Franzia boxes in the hall. Silly neighbors.

  • 1900 days ago via api
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Playing "Apples to Apples" with and and

  • 1901 days ago via api
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Seriously, who buys a High School Musical hand sanitizer keychain? I saw it at the dollar store.

  • 1901 days ago via api
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I was behind this Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) in traffic at Stennis. It was en route to a test stand.

  • 1909 days ago via api
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Waiting for Dane Cook at UNO

  • 1913 days ago via api
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69-ing in my car. Not what you think... or is it? Yeah it's not. I'm sick of driving!

  • 1916 days ago via api
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My neighbor gave me a 20 Questions handheld game for Harry Potter. It's remarkably accurate. Can't put it down.

  • 1923 days ago via api
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Emily Haines' (and the rest of Metric) actually signed the artwork. Her hand was here. I'm dying.

  • 1924 days ago via api
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Yay! My Metric Fantasies Deluxe Edition order arrived!

  • 1924 days ago via api
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Landed on the roof. This might be a problem.

  • 1927 days ago via api
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Playing with a balsa wood rubberband-powered airplane. Reminds me my boy scout days.

  • 1927 days ago via api
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Cat5 has taken to sitting in my desk chair. It's funny when he starts to rotate.

  • 1929 days ago via api
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