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I take myself way too seriously sometimes. God's given a pretty full life of relationships and music and joy and happiness. Love it.

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The most entertaining comment conversation that has ever graced my Facebook.

Yee-haw! Love me some coated heads. #drumtweets

Crazy study part happening up in here with . #allnighter #procrastinatorsunite

This will make the last three hours of practice interesting. #doubletime #whoneedsaclick

burning brain cells.

Hackett's with . Intensely good stuff.

Solid half-day practice today. Good times!

Solid half-day practice today. Good times!

When I do play basketball, I go hard. #firstfiveminutes #lastfiveminutes #samefiveminutes

I'm a pot addict...

Good ol' Missouri. #Amish

Good 'ol Missouri. #Amish

Working hard on homework with .

Watching play soccer. He's doin work. We shore are proud of the little feller. #vuvuzelas


When in doubt... use a mason jar & Sonic spoon.

Got a new metronome app to use with Frontline. Never played with a live click but the nerdy possibilities are exciting!

Rave! -ish.

Syllabus from one class.

The Strong 2nd boys looking fly. Annnd, our RA.