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Navalny let his daughter insert his ballot into the voting machine thingy. #RussiaVotes

Navalny shows up at his voting precinct & casts his ballot with his family. #RussiaVotes

I’m noticing more police at the voting precinct awaiting Navalny. Some extra video monitoring? #RussiaVotes

Journalists awaiting Navalny at precinct 1488 are making it hard for regular folks to vote. #RussiaVotes ’s foto of Moscow ballot. Navalny listed 1 above Sobyanin, who’s last. #RussiaVotes

See what you’re missing out on, undemocratic Russia?

Navalny’s campaign is staffed by the Marketing Department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation? organizes a mass morning jog in Ekaterinburg this Sat, starting at Governor’s home

tell me more Images of that “Rulers” exhibit that got its StPete host in hot water w police. via . catches finessing Navalny’s Montenegrin real estate co story.

has some fun with , for some reason. “Navalny’s conscience,” he renames his Twitter account.

Что это такое? Эти сайты как ссылаются на MRD CO? Я не понял смысл здесь((

Bodies Pile in Egypt, But Birds Still Singing for Russian Vacationers ’s latest

’s Navalny-MLK Jr Instagram comparisons are kinda barf. Stay classy, headlines. “Gay Society Fails to Marry Burt & Ernie.” :(