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If you time a power move to 3:57 in Still of The Night by Whitesnake, it’s like touchin’ the hand of God, and anything is possible. Master of baking.

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My government treats me like an asshole. I say back atcha, kimosabe. ()

What prompted this? This dumbass.

here it is. Sadly no '94.

flashback from before my time. #KCScouts

"A shorthanded goal would be so sweet." - Get a load of this guy....

Here he is. I wasn't making it up. Youtube Boogerman.

Get a load of this guy.

Royals hat selection at Rally House. Still brutal. 7 3/4 and 6 7/8 all they have. I'm serious.

Dave at the Tigs game?

Mitch. #Chiefs

Elway thinking of stragedy of sports.

Look at this guy and seriously tell me a cat or a small dog is a better alternative.

Got creative with the chalk board outside the shop today

Brent Seabrook in game shape. Dustin Byfuglien.... maybe a little work to do?

Had Jackie Battle not run into Anthony Becht, Tyler Palko would have beaten the Steelers.

My first commercial.

Look what's back

This cost The Two Towers an Oscar. Orlando Bloom staring into the camera like such a corncob.

#MetroProWrestling at its finest.