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If you time a power move to 3:57 in Still of The Night by Whitesnake, it’s like touchin’ the hand of God, and anything is possible. Master of baking.

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Dear ,

pfff. Work on it. I mastered it.

Selling this for 2010 USA Olympic gold medal or best offer.

Selling my medium #Royals 80s powder blue jersey. Mint condish. $100. Let me know if anyone might be interested.


Of course it is.

I mean look at that...

you just got called a frog puss by someone dressed like this.

Shield your eyes. Out of baseball for 2 seasons. #Boof

Kings leading scorer gets empty netter.

weather channel thinks different




oh and here are my pants

does this count?

replace fall Out Boy with some of this

When Joey got with Shae...

Everytime joey is on screen...

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