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Chipotle #100CamerasIn1

Created by 3D Camera for iPhone (

  • 1456 days ago via api
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My poor Ache Pee peecee laptop gets all hot and melty when trying to render video.

  • 1468 days ago via site
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PC peeve of the day: not importing or linking to files that play perfectly well on my FW drive.

  • 1476 days ago via site
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WinDirStat is GREAT! Just found & deleted 16GB of video files I forgot to delete months ago.

  • 1479 days ago via site
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If your CS5 spectral view suddenly looks like this, set Vertical Scale back to 95 or 100.

  • 1613 days ago via site
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As if...

  • 1686 days ago via site
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Windows7 has that not-so-fresh feeling. Press F5 to Refresh. You have to press it every time you move files. #fail

  • 1705 days ago via site
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Anyone else think they should add a link for "Search App Store" here? #iPhone

The cones extend a half mile on either side of the Mira Mesa mire

Come get your stray golden retriever dog.

Timely sidewalk chalk insult: "Randy smells like an egg recall."

Pretty big car crash for a Target parking lot.

I wonder how many kid toys were "discovered" as manufacturing accidents instead of invented.

#Bacon-wrapped hot dogs on the grill

Parking #fail. Let's make em famous.