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First 5K this morning at ! #running

Oh , you and I should have a chat about Internet security sometime.

Move out day at Keeble hall. It's pretty much official.

Golf cart in the church. Check.

"Bring back a waste bucket! No, a cistern!" - #leeupdate

Not exactly what I want to see right before a 12 hour flight.

That's my cue it's almost time to go home. So sad. One more day.

David's Falls in the En Gedi. #i12

"I think it's this one ecause this is the one I licked." - #fb

Checking out some crafts at the #VBSpreview #vbsp12

iPhone 4 lens cover replaced and finally I can take usable photos again! #finally #repair

All our ISO tapes are finally labeled and ready for production. #FBCGloria #fb

Rearranged some icons, got a new wallpaper, an turned off the battery percentage. Ah, feels clean! #fb

Whoah! Forgot about this iOS 5 feature!

Here we go!! #fb

Looks like got a few more tables for Fall Festival.

You can never have enough shots of . #fb

Okay, that's a long meeting. #fb

That's awesome. Auto detects that you're in the store.

This ETC ad makes me chuckle. #fb