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I can smell broken glass, do you ?

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Wave hello to people. What does it cost you?
Have a nice day or there may be consequences...yes, I'm talking to YOU.

  • 2097 days ago via site
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This sad sunflower face with black eyed susan eyes felt all alone, even with all the other sunflowers surrounding it.

  • 2098 days ago via site
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Don't like the news? Cut it up and rearrange it until you do. I mean, you can't expect the local newspaper to cover news that would make their readers safer, now can you?

  • 2102 days ago via site
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A sunflower, with black eyed susan eyes, turns it's back to the almost full moon.

  • 2103 days ago via site
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The Ashton Kutcher Quote Spider has left a piece of an AK quote in it's web, the only way to identify the rare Ashton Kutcher Quote Spider. No, the spider does NOT have a twitter account.

  • 2103 days ago via site
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Who doesn't love puppies?

  • 2127 days ago via site
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Roadside Sofas are so passe.
This picture of the ultimate in convenience dedicated to Lynn Ferguson

  • 2136 days ago via site
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If you like cold hands and frozen flowers, then this might be something you'll enjoy. Vuvuzela my Jabulanis.

  • 2169 days ago via site
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A Cursing Bunny named Syd gives a shout out to the Robot Skeleton Army of Craig Ferguson fame.

  • 2181 days ago via site
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Whoever said that rabbits are not intelligent is woefully incorrect. An astute Hare explains his method of mobilization.

  • 2185 days ago via site
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The laziest man sat crying in front of the fire. "Why are you crying?" asked a stranger. "Move me, I'm burning" the lazy knob wailed.

  • 2185 days ago via site
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Howie Mandel loves his job. This lighter loves KeswickPinhead.

  • 2186 days ago via site
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Evil Cyborg Double Bunnies are going to steal your future.

  • 2188 days ago via site
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Does my face look OK to you?

  • 2193 days ago via site
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A bird in hand is worth...WTF? This ain't a BIRD! You should have toad me it wasn't a bird.

  • 2195 days ago via site
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Wah...that's right, I said it...Wah. Nobody can stop me...Wah.

  • 2214 days ago via site
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Welcome to the World of KeswickPinhead. A Begonia as seen through a raindrop.

  • 2216 days ago via site
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Bleeding Hearts and Johnny Jump ups float on the food coloured pond

  • 2216 days ago via site
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Bloody White Bleeding Heart

  • 2216 days ago via site
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Rain reservoir Pond with blue food colouring, inverted, with johnny jump up violas.

  • 2216 days ago via site
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