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I can smell broken glass, do you ?

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Guara blossom in dew drenched Spider Web..well, actually, just between me and the internet, I misted the web with the garden hose.:D

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A baby Chipping Sparrow knows that nature is cruel. 4 eggs, one survivor.

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Smile and the world smiles with you

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Christmas Lights Quadrupled Bokeh

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Infinite me. Way more KeswickPinhead than required by law.

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A frosty dogwood branch, quadrupled. I added my eyes. I think it looks like a piranha/blowfish mutationfish. #deviantart #stthongsday

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A fall road just before the dawning sun crests the forested hill in the distance.

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A frost covered balloon filled with helium floats close to the ground, because of the cold and the broken red balloon that weighs it down. Are you feeling sorry for the balloon? That is because you are crazy. It never wanted to be a balloon, it wants to come back in it's next life as a LUMBERJACK.

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A secret passage to your autumn dreams, or a scary entrance to your fall nightmares.

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HEADLINES: Collage Portrait of a disgraced Chief and a hypocrite Newspaper Editor. Check this link for more info

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Fall on an angle, Autumn on a tilt, times four.

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Pope eats baby? Pregnant nun eats sex abuse boobs? KeswickPinhead HEADLINES for a Sunday Morning.

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I live under a rainbow, in a place free of police persecution, and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

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I may or may not be double jointed...if by "double jointed" you mean "in possession of a couple of joints" because I can't bend worth a f

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Step into my office.

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Every rose has a silver lining. Take time to smell the clouds.

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DANGER: A sign indicating a man in a thong with a sign indicating a man with a thong with a sign is indicating there are men with thongs working ahead...
Proceed with extreme caution.

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Every cloud has its silver lining, and if the government could find a way, they would tax it.

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Underpants not mine: Paris to Cops wrinkly old genitals.

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