Going back to Cali!

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Bye dream car! Just sold her.

The moon is almost full & surrounded by clouds. The cloud ring around the moon is highlighted. It's so gothic.

The Nutracker Suite playing while I lounge on sofa next to tree. Happy.

She's here laying next to me on sofa. Of course she expects my body heat, too!

Trouble snores as loud as a human!

Just baked cranberry turnovers.
Beats spending the day feeling sad.

I think it's time to make these Sicilian anise cookies again. My photo, too.

I'm riding a rollercoaster!

This one is mine. A 1979 model from Rotterdam. Turn ons: Americans & sexy music Turn offs: Intolerance

A Dutch man's love for cycling taken to his grave. #Esch

Aww! What a beauty! Trouble says 'hellooooo'.

Twin sis & I today in the redwoods of California. The only person who can get me laughing so hard I snork.

I'm in a shit-kicker bar in central California. Country music is assaulting my ears.

Why I love California.

On a more positive note...

You look so beautiful!

Goodnight from room 1107 in San Francisco.

I'm in NY. Layover. Bought this..and a jelly donut.

Going to a BBQ. Is this too little clothing? It's hot here today. But I'm feeling good.

Dutch guy making poffertjes. Lockdown Festival, Amsterdam.