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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Luke Bryan!!! I basically love bein with friends and havin a good time:)[RIP KMG]iLoveYou.

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dk what's going on but just remember whatever it is...



haha (:

keep in mind its my first one lol but I think its pretty good lol

haha I've already got mine picked out. Just need him to ask lmao

Why yes ill take one....or five. Lol (:

Haha made my day:)

little Khloé being LAZZZZZZY

after it's bath:) soooo pretty and shinny:)

RAIN IS A GOOD THING-- bc it makes mud:)

has work at 7:30 tomo which means I gotta wake up bout 6:( BUT I'm still goin out tonight;)

Okay so Chloe has has a name change...Khloe ;)


The DOZEN roses my AMAZING boyfriend sent me at work:)

Today was a great day!!!! got a new wennie dog puppy:) and bought an amazing new swimsuit!!!!!

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