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world loves an angry man. im here for when it wants something different artist, game designer, samurai, traveler, learning-stuffer, phillosopher, philanthopist.

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  • Gallery What you may see in this armor and what I see could be quite different. The screams of the forgotten is a tribute piece to the original items in AQW before the “armor” system was put in place. I originally made this armor over 2 years ago in my attempt at becoming the greatest flash artist who ever lived and I’ve updated it 3 times since then. What is a cool edit with a nice animation to you means more to me and others from a time almost forgotten. The armors back when these came out were simple but to us it meant something more then just how we looked, it meant a new thing full of our hopes and dreams was being born, we had a game we could all be part of together because we had the artix entertainment community and a game we could talk in living time, to me that was the beginning of my social life and probably for many others. This set means never forgetting the days, dreams, and people from that by gone era, and bring a small part of that time to today so that all may share it. Those that hear the screams of the forgotten now must decide if they are to be ignored, or remembered forever. So what does it mean to you?

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not much to say bout dis. not really a professional peice just messin around

  • 367 days ago via site
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bigger pic for details

  • 433 days ago via site
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finaly finished! i give you the hell razor: peace. and its the first thing ive finished in like neerly a year i think. this is truly an example of everything i can do in adobe flash cs3.

  • 433 days ago via site
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ok last wip befor its finished i pramiss ;P sheath is neerly finished.

  • 435 days ago via site
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more wip, though this time ive made it double the size for you guys

  • 453 days ago via site
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wiptastic, but looking nice already

  • 462 days ago via site
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still wip, working on the sheath, any ideas on what i can do for both ends? i dont really like the dull designs there but cant think of anything

  • 464 days ago via site
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WIP, revamping my katana on my freetime

  • 467 days ago via site
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heres the peice i call my first real didgital artwork, this i did in the fall of 08 and is partly based on a halloween costum prop

  • 531 days ago via site
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thats better, though the gif really destroys the quality

  • 537 days ago via site
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behold! something in wip form, agian, as always

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last 3 days

  • 554 days ago via site
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finaly suggesting this piece to AE

  • 558 days ago via site
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havent shown much on my upcoming project. but heres a sample of some amination. still wip with no shading though. dis is what a bad guy looks like when i keel demz o:<

  • 577 days ago via site
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somebody requested an update though its grossly early in the WIP stage :P

  • 585 days ago via site
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its starting to take shape :3 WIP

  • 588 days ago via site
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Arch-Fiend's in her workshop again.

  • 590 days ago via site
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2nd mask practice piece. once agian a lego design, i did more in flash with this one

  • 663 days ago via site
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another practice peice, this time its a lego bionicle mask. ill be doing a series of the origenal masks as practice save for the blue one cuz its translucent so that throws me off. i really hope im learning from this, twould suck if it didint help any at all.

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