Midday Mistress--WJBX 99x. Just cause a girl likes strippers doesn't mean she was one. Geeeeeze.

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Rapelled down a 120 ft bldng wearing my cape. Yes!

Brett Michaels. WTF r u doing here. Let's go swing on a stripper pole and pull a couple hoes

Mindset Evolution. my husband's band. Look them up. U know u want to. Creep ;)

My husband.

I'm supposed to put "what's happening..." Uh... Sitting and waiting for my hubbys band to start

Replaced koller's water bottle with a more useful bottle

Mmmmmm corndogs!!!

Ugh stupid knee. I actually wanted to hit the gym today.

THIS is how I spent my night last night. Mucho needed

Headed to the dog park!

Papi watching the storm in our powerless house.

2 miles down and 2 left to go!

Race day!

I was very frustrated and I think Papi knew...

Filling up the scooby pool for Papeezy

Papi loves the flower we stole from the wedding

My little lover pants.