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What a coincidence, ! I'm wearing my team Russia shirt today! :)

There WAS a tunnel,

My ocd is so happy right now

DOCTOR......LEEOOO.....MARVINN! #whataboutBob?

Yay I get a room with a window I can open! Oh wait. #youknowIhaveatoolkit

Almost left for school with this in the backseat. #awkwaaard

Time to start packing for school. OMG #thishappenseveryyear #trannymess


Early morning cartoons. All smiles :)

Hanging with my main man all week. What a stud ;)

Did and I just sneak gelato into our 3rd viewing of dark knight rises? #winning

Only two night services left with my Eastpoint fam. Where did the summer go?

Totes a bro night.

Let it begin #starwars

We all look so scary. And sweaty. Imaaaaaaxxxx!!

Batman and Robin...taking out Bane. Nbd #darkknightrises

Me and ...bring it on #darkknightrises

Really upset, you guys. Can't find the batman costume I made. Lemme know if you find it.

Couple of winners right here #nopantsftw

not exactly hooked on being here